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Since June 4, 2016. 
 the new program in Circus on Fontanka 
"Circus of water, fire and light"

In The Performance by the dynastic illusionist, Honored Artist of Russia Anatoly Sokolov –there is a modern lighting and musical equipment, laser show, gorgeous scenery, exclusive costumes, the original music. Here you will see the breathtaking stunts performed by the best artists of Russian circus - winners of international festivals and competitions. Decorating Show will present you 20-meter musical fountain, which rises to the very dome! 

 The new show "Circus of water, fire and light" will carry out a cherished dream of many who want to visit the most romantic city in the world - Paris! The plot of this exciting performance takes the viewer to the cozy streets of Paris, where lives a Tramp. He has a wonderful dream about the fairy-tale world in which you can easily find a magical nymph flying under the dome, and fervent Matador treating with amusing monkeys as with bulls, funny hunter of crocodiles and dwarf pig, local teddy-boys jumping on Russian Bar, and even a real Empress, who knows how to juggle in the surrounding of her courtiers. 

 More romantic mood can be felt during the gentle performance by the equilibrist Perfumer, balancing on one hand on the three-meter spire of the Eiffel Tower - the most famous symbol of Paris. 

The central action of the show will be a magic ball of Earl Sokol (Falcon Anatoly Sadokha). The illusions in his performance could make believe in magic even the real skeptics! The audience for the first time will see an incredible show of "Levitate three fountains", and the 16-year-old Alex Sokol Sadokha shows an escape from the chains under the water - that trick was performed by Harry Houdini! 

 Funny clowns’ trio "Three Fat Men" and their exotic animals (crocodiles, pygmy hog, Vietnamese, spotted pigs and others.) will perform with the best reprises. 

If you want to visit the magical Paris - come to "Circus of water, fire and light" in the Circus Ciniselli, and you will have the opportunity to touch a fairy tale! Hurry to see a new program "Circus of water, fire and light" 4 of June! 

Age restrictions: 0+ 

Duration of performance: 2:00 - 2:20. 

Ticket price: 500 - 3000 rubles. 

Tickets are on sale at the box office of the Bolshoy St. Petersburg State Circus. 

Phone: 8 (812) -570-5198 daily from 11:00 - 19:00.  

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