Adventures of an Italian in Russia
September 21 — December 09
Duration of performance: 2: 30-2: 50
(2 compartments with 1 intermission)
About the show
Adventures of an Italian in Russia
The duration of the show is 2:30 - 2:50
(two acts with one intermission)

The e-ticket must be printed independently. The Circus don't print e-tickets.

One child up to 4 years can pass with one adult on one ticket, but without extra seat. The administration of the circus has the right to request the document confirming the age of the child.

The management of the Circus reserves the right to change the program.

Adventures of an Italian in Russia

28.09, friday fri.
29.09, saturday sat.
30.09, sunday sun.

05.10, friday fri.
06.10, saturday sat.
07.10, sunday sun.
12.10, friday fri.
13.10, saturday sat.
14.10, sunday sun.

Leningrad, lions, Rosario agro-a set of words that many associate with the famous Soviet movies "Incredible adventures of Italians in Russia." Today, the Comedy film, shot in 1973 by Eldar Ryazanov, with pleasure revises and loves a million viewers of all ages.
On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Soviet circus, in the year of Italy in Russia, the circus on Fontanka proudly and tremblingly informs residents and guests of St. Petersburg about the premiere of the new program "Italian adventures in Russia". The performance will remind the audience about this Soviet film, at least because its main character is also an Italian who found himself in Russia. He will face and with alive lions, and with brown bears, and with thoroughbred horses. His adventures will be full of surprises, thanks to which he will be able to learn about our country, its mystery

Play the main character will be a world circus star, clown David Larible, winner of the highest award at the most prestigious circus festival in Monte Carlo.
David Larible is a seventh generation artist who has been engaged in acrobatics, juggling, horse riding, music, foreign languages, literature and ballet since he was 7 years old.
David is like going from one circus to another. The viewer will see a spectacular room equilibrists on the tickle "Confrontation" under the leadership of Taalaibek Saralaeva, bright room of beliigerent "Parade of bicycles" under the leadership of Leonid Tkachenko.
The audience has long loved the Honored artist of Russia Elena Petrikova, who this time will conquer St. Petersburg number with trained dogs, and the premiere of air numbers, as always beautiful and memorable.
Ballet fans will be able to easily learn the basics of the classics at the bench, which will show brown bears under the leadership of Grant Ibrahimov. Equestrian lovers of the genre will see the number of "Russian Cossacks" under the leadership of Violetta Aleksandrova-Serzh, and connoisseurs of aerial gymnastics will not leave without attention the room is lovely. Sidorenko on the cord-de-parel.
Finally, in the program of the St. Petersburg circus long-awaited room in the genre of equilibristi – in the arena, viewers will see high-wire Shoinbekova.
Well, what are the adventures of an Italian in St. Petersburg, without real lions? As many as 12 lions will go to the arena under the leadership of the silver medalist of the international festival in Monte Carlo Vladislav Goncharov.
The new program Of the circus on Fontanka will capture an adventure that will be remembered even by the most spoiled audience. The circus arena will turn into a whole country - Russia. Everyone who will watch the hero David Larible, will be able to immerse themselves in this fascinating story, where in addition to awkward situations, the hero will meet a real sincerity, sincerity and love.

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