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Since May 12, 2015 
new programm 
"Bears went... or the Cheerful company"
in Chinizelli's Chapiteau

The new 138th season begins Bolshoy St. Petersburg state circus in a chapiteau of "Chinizelli" in Yesenin's park that in ten minutes of walking from Dybenko Street metro station.

Since May 12 the summer chapiteau of circus on Fontanka will submit the divertismentny program "Bears … or the Cheerful Company Went", actors of the Moscow circus of Nikulin in Tsvetnoy Boulevard and the St. Petersburg state circus on Fontanka – winners and students of the circus Winner festival take part in the program

Program stars — the trained bears under the leadership of the people's artist of Russia Victor Kudryavtsev and the honored actress of Russia Olga Kudryavtseva. They with pleasure will show the skill in different genres: and in a Rennes wheel on an arena will turn round and round, and rings will catch, and bikes will ride.

Elena Pavlovich and Yuli Yakubovsky besides the trained horses will bring an amusing American mini-horse and nubian goats.

Lyrical number with the trained pigeons will show Marina Yakubova, and with illyuzionny transformation with fast change of suits Svetlana and Konstantin Sudarchikovy will surprise.

The solo juggler Herman Kuznechenkov will skillfully cope with maces and rings, and art to juggle with feet Yuli Samoylenko's antipodist —> the owner of the Bronze crown at the All-Russian festival "Princess of the Russian Circus" will show.

Hereditary actors the gymnast on a trapeze Maria Denisenkova and equilibrists on a cross wire brothers Anton and Alexander Poyarkovy will please with the most difficult tricks in air.

And, of course, all evening on an arena the clownish Huba-Buba duet.

The cost of tickets is from 500 to 2000 rubles.

Children till 4 years inclusive free of charge, without granting a separate place, from 5 summer age the ticket is got.

Working hours of Tickets office of circus (Yesenin's park) - daily with 11 to 19 (a lunch with 14 to 15) hour of Ph. of Tickets office +7(921)431-49-65.

The scheme of pass to a chapiteau

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