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Since June 4, 2016
 the new program in Circus on Fontanka 
"Show of water, fire and light"

One of the best projects of the modern circus world "Circus of water, fire and light" under the leadership of the honored artist of Russia Anatoly Sokol comes to Big St. Petersburg state circus to turn him into Paris! 
 The new circus show "Circus of Water, Fire and Light" will achieve a cherished dream of many persons interested to visit the most romantic city of the world - Paris! The plot of the fascinating performance told by means of circus art moves the viewer to cozy small streets of Paris where there lives, at first sight, the simplest Tramp. He dreams a surprising dream about the fantastic world in which with ease it is possible to meet magic Nympha and the fervent Matador with ridiculous monkeys as bulls, the amusing Hunter with crocodiles and dwarfish pylons, local Fops and even the real Empress, and also exotic animals and birds! 

 The improbable atmosphere to the program is created by the most gentle number in a genre of an ekvilibr performed by the Perfumer who balances on one hand on a spike of the three-meter Eiffel Tower - the best-known symbol of Paris. 

 But there is more to come - the most interesting only begins! A mysterious ball of Graff Sokol in which magic tricks even of sceptics force to believe in magic. There are no barriers to imagination. Here fire, water, light and illusion dominates. Bright show with participation of eminent masters, prize-winners of many circus competitions and owners of prestigious circus awards of the world. The modern special effects, lasers, clockwork music and the dancing fountains reaching 20 meter heights and beating under the big top! 

 If you dream to visit Paris too - come to "Circus of water, fire and light" in Big St. Petersburg state circus, and you will have an opportunity for a moment to touch the magic fairy tale!
 Hurry to see the circus program "Circus of Water, Fire and Light" since June 4!

Age restrictions: 0+.

Program duration: 2:00 - 2:20 with an interval.

Till July, 17
The program of a chapiteau of Circus on Fontanka
"Ah! This cheerful circus divertissement"

Chinizelli's circus opens on May 7 a new season in the chapiteau in Yesenin's park circus representation "Ah, this cheerful circus divertissement!"

The program from 12 best numbers of actors of different genres will be submitted to the audience. The famous acrobats of Alexander Skokov who this year were given a gold medal and an award of the president of France of the international festival "Circus of Tomorrow" will do the best turns in a genre "a counter swing". The trainer Bayram Atayev will come to a chapiteau arena with bears Funtik and Masyanya. Cats and Alyona and Maxim Maslyanovykh's raccoons-poloskuny will show as they are able to jump through fiery rings and to go on two paws. Stanislav Tyshkevich and his monkeys: macaques Rhesus factors Jascha, the pig-tailed macaque Vanya and a baboon hamadryad Roza will show amusing numbers. And in the program of the audience rope-walkers on the cross hardly tense wire - Poyarkova's brothers will surprise with difficult tricks, Alexander Gorlin will give to "Superbasketbolist" a juggling master class basketball swords and, of course, the clownish duet "Children with Ligovki" will amuse public the best reprises.  


Hurry to see the new program "Chinizelli's Chapiteau" - "Ah, this cheerful circus divertissement!" - from May 7 to July 17!

Children till 5 years free of charge under one ticket with the adult, without granting the certain place.

Cost of tickets: from 500 to 2000 rubles.

Tickets on sale in cash desks of circus: 570-51-98 (daily with 11:00-19:00) 

Program 2:20 time

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